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hi i'm Ioanna, thank you for stopping by

Love is the closest thing we have to magic"

I live in Hertfordshire with my husband Nick and our pet rabbits, guinea pigs and love birds that mean the absolute world to me.

I originally started blogging in 2014 but lapsed for a few years until I decided to give it another go in 2023. I share snippets of my life and write about all of the things I’m hearting (loving), from my pets to places I’ve visited, from blissful bakes to my current favourites and everything in between.

All about Ioanna

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  • I am half Greek and half English. I often find myself straddling two cultures without entirely belonging to either. Nonetheless, I hold immense pride in my roots and wouldn't trade my identity for anything else.
  • I find joy in the little things but I also like to have things to look forward to, be it the simplicity of upcoming weekend plans or the excitement of a holiday months away.
  • Societal expectations weigh on me heavily but I have no desire to have children, in fact it fills me with dread. Despite knowing it's the right decision, it doesn't stop me from occasionally pondering what it might be like.
  • As an amateur photographer I take immense pleasure photographing my pets and travels. I'm always the one behind the lens so you'll rarely spot me in photos.
  • I I am an amateur photographer and especially enjoy photographing my pets and travels. I am always the one behind the camera so you'll rarely find me in photos.